Discover Phx Team Loyalty Agreement

Discover Phx Team Loyalty Agreement

This agreement outlines the mutual commitment between you, the client, and Discover Phx Team, our dedicated buyer specialist team. By entering into this agreement, we establish clear expectations regarding roles, responsibilities, and compensation to ensure a successful collaboration in finding your ideal home.

1. Purpose of Agreement: This agreement solidifies our partnership as in the pursuit of locating your dream home. It clarifies each party's responsibilities and the compensation structure, emphasizing that our payment is contingent on the successful closure of a property.

2. Buyer Specialist Team Commitments: The experts within the Discover Phx Team encompass a diverse range of skills, including Accredited Buyers Agents, Accredited Sellers Agents, luxury specialist, relocation specialists, land and lot professionals, and individuals specializing in Commercial transactions. As your buyer specialist team, we pledge to communicate openly and honestly, facilitating the best financing options through a reputable lender or work through your financing. We will provide regular home listings, organize private showings, and strategize to present competitive offers. Our commitment extends to recommending competent professionals, educating you throughout the process, and acting as your advocates. During the selection process our agents will be working at appointments with you, however behind the scenes to evaluate market trends and values to put our buyers in the key positions. Upon a successful acceptance of offer our agents will work to open escrow with all parties. Our agents will attend all inspections as necessary, walkthrough and closing appointments as required. During the process we will work with title and escrow to facilitate and review all documents as it pertains to providing a confidential and secure transaction.

3. Client Commitments: In return, you agree to transparent communication, obtaining a solid financing before showings, and notifying us promptly when interested in a property so we can schedule and gather relevant data. Our clients let us others know at open houses they have representation to stop any agency confusion in the transaction.

compensation from successfully closed transactions. While we aim for the seller to cover this, you understand there may be instances where this is not covered. These instances are rare and there are always opportunities to ask for your buyer’s representation to be paid for by the other party. Your commitment to this compensation aligns with our dedication to delivering exceptional service. However, if you cannot afford a buyer broker fee on any property we can agree to abstain from the showings. 

upon signing the agreement as compensation for professional counseling, consultation, and research. This retainer shall not be credited against any Success Fee.

5. Duration and Termination: This agreement remains in effect for the term from the date of signing.
(You may terminate this agreement in writing and by emailing if we fail to fulfill our duties.)

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